Harvey Sarcastic Disco
and DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey and Sarcastic Clothing Collaboration

A rare promo CD from DJ Harvey

Back it 2001, DJ Harvey worked with Sarcastic Clothing, and the result was a truly amazing promotional CD. There were only 1200 copies made. 1000 copies went to the Sarcastic Clothing store in Tokyo. You could only get your hands on a copy of the CD if you bought an item of clothing from the store. If you were one of the first 1000 people to buy something from Sarcastic Clothing, you got the CD for free. That was 1000 very lucky people. Of course we’ve mentioned there were actually 1200 copies made. So where did the other 200 go? Well 100 copies went to the US office of Sarcastic Clothing, and the remaining 100 were issued as a limited edition gatefold piece, a truly worthy package!

The tech behind the DJ Harvey Sarcastic Clothing CD release

The mix for this CD was actually recorded live. DJ Harvey used two Thoren turntables and a Bozak mixer with effects. It was recorded directly onto DAT, then professionally mastered. There was no EQ used on the mix, but the sound levels were brought up for the CD release.

DJ Harvey involved every step of the way

You’d think that simply creating this fantastic mix CD would be enough, but DJ Harvey was involved with more than that. He was very keen to make this a highly worthwhile project, and he even provided the cover artwork for this limited edition release.

The gatefold version featured a wide range of interesting photos, ideal for any DJ Harvey fan. For those who were lucky enough to pick up a copy back in 2001 when it was released. There is no doubt it will still be a treasured possession and is highly likely to have become increasingly valuable over the years. This would certainly be one to hang on to.

Sarcastic Clothing

While the Harvey Sarcastic Disco blog is no more, Sarcastic Clothing can still be bought, in their stores and online. Their range of stylish casual wear is great quality and often quirky, so you can stand out from the crowd.