Harvey Sarcastic Disco
and DJ Harvey

CD Releases from DJ Harvey

We take a look at some of the CD releases from award winning DJ – DJ Harvey

Late Night Sessions – Mixed by DJ Harvey

This is a great chill out CD, perfect for relaxing to when you’ve got back from a club, but you’re not quite ready to call it a night. This CD is a Ministry of Sound offering and gives you everything you’d expect from this super club brand, and more, because DJ Harvey is involved! The music has a real feel good factor to it, you’ll find it uplifting and it’s also rather romantic, perfect for a cosy night in with your other half! We particularly liked Wonderful Life, an inspiring song, and the love song Dreaming. This CD is quite varied, so as you listen to it, you’re taken on a journey across many sub-genres of electronic music.

London Xpress

This is a great collaboration CD with plenty of tracks on it. The CD features three DJs, so you’re getting a real mixture of content. There is of course DJ Harvey, then there is also Weatherall and David Holmes. If you’re a fan of DJ Harvey then you’re also going to love Weatherall and Holmes so don’t worry that this CD is not 100% DJ Harvey content!

The Sound of Mercury Rising

The Sound of Mercury Rising is a stunning compilation of Balearic tracks that DJ Harvey compiled for Pikes club in Ibiza. On this CD you’re treated to a smoother version of Next To You than we’ve previously heard, and the CD is worth buying for that track alone. Spanish Boogie is just classic DJ Harvey disco style, and Abran Paso by Elkin and Nelson is just awesome. If you’ve never heard of Abran Paso, you may know Elkin and Nelson from their more well known track Jibaro. Listen to it on YouTube, you’re bound to recognise it, even if you never knew the name of the track.

In our opinion, all of these CD releases are worth purchasing and they are all unique. Also worth looking out for are the Sarcastic Disco releases, however, these are pretty hard to find as they are quite rare.