Harvey Sarcastic Disco
and DJ Harvey

Harvey Sarcastic Disco in the Press

We take a closer look at DJ Harvey and his contributions in the press

DJ Harvey has featured in many articles, reviews and interviews in the press, all over the world. There are articles about DJ Harvey and Harvey Sarcastic Disco, articles by DJ Harvey and interviews with him too, Let us look in more detail at some of the contributions he made in the press…

A feature about Map of Africa in ID Magazine

For those who don’t know Map of Africa, I suggest you look into them right now, as this band is a combination of two sensational artists, DJ Harvey and Thom Bullock. This article, featured in ID Magazine back in 2005 informs us that DJ Harvey and Thom Bullock actually go back a long way. They didn’t simply meet on the music scene, they actually grew up together in rural East Anglia in the UK. With music spanning many genres, Map of Africa truly showcases the talent of these two genius DJs.

An interview with DJ Harvey from 8 inch Magazine

In 2005, DJ Harvey was interviewed by 8 inch Magazine and it made for some very interesting and insightful reading. He tells about how he first got into music, because his mother would play him records when he was a child. As a teenager he was a drummer in a punk band, and he then bought a set of decks and started teaching himself to be a DJ. He tells how he loves to hang out with other DJs and play with them. It’s inspirational and gives him some great new ideas for future material. He also discusses his love of escaping. He had a fantastic life, but each aspect of it can become too much. So he moves around, from LA to New York, from New York to Hawaii. Each place has something different to offer and sometimes he simply needs to get away from the current scene he’s in, perhaps to unwind and relax a little, or maybe to liven things up. He says he’s always on the move.