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People who are into DJ music and electronic music, don’t just like it, they love it! Once you get into this type of music, you can soon get hooked on it, and you’re always on the lookout for new artists and for upcoming gigs. DJ Harvey offers up a wide range of electronic music styles, both in his life performances and via his top selling mix CDs. Every time DJ Harvey releases a CD it is eagerly awaited by his fans and they are never disappointed.

Moving into becoming a DJ

When you watch DJs at work, it is inspiring. They look cool up on stage. What a great way to earn a living! So many people see a DJ and think they would love to do what they do. While becoming a professional DJ isn’t as simple as many people may think, it certainly isn’t impossible and you can get started quite easily. By reading equipment reviews you can pick up all the gear you need for a price that isn’t be extortionate, and with plenty of practice in your own home, you might just be able to make it big. It’s a nice dream, and one that can become a reality with a lot of hard work and talent. DJ Harvey is well known for helping up and coming DJs and people who simply have that dream to become a DJ. He gives lots of tips and help, and many words of encouragement.

A new generation of electronic music fans

DJ Harvey is personally responsible for a new generation of music fans with a love of electronic music and DJ music. This is something he is no doubt very proud of. Over his career he has done a lot towards introducing the public, and his fans, to other music. He doesn’t simply want the fans to buy his CDs and go to his club nights, he loves to recommend other bands, DJs and artists and will often suggest music from far flung places around the globe.