Harvey Sarcastic Disco
and DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey’s Moist Night Events

DJ Harvey was part of the group Tonka Soundsystem. Decades ago, he started a weekly club night which he called ‘Moist’. This night was held in The Gardening Club, a nightclub in Covent Garden in London in the UK.

The Gardening Club

The Gardening Club has now closed, but it was located where the Apple Store is now, in Covent Garden in London. Connected to The Rock Garden, which gave the club it’s name, this club was pretty stunning. The club was a large space in the basement of the building. It had an interesting feel to it as it had arched, vaulted ceilings and was perfect for a nightclub. It had two bars and two dance floors, so you always a choice of where you wanted to dance or hang out with your friends.

The music at The Gardening Club

The great thing about The Gardening Club was the wide variety of music that was played. This ensured that you’d always get a wide variety of different people there, which made it very interesting. You’d meet people from all walks of life and you’d be introduced to lots of great new genres of music.

DJ Harvey and Moist Night

When DJ Harvey got the opportunity to hold a weekly club night at The Gardening Club, he wanted to go against the corporate clubbing scene that was on the rise in the 90s and set up something different, something personal, something that he himself could be proud of. He preferred the underground scene and wanted to bring this, along with a feeling of inclusiveness to his club night.

The music played at Moist

DJ Harvey has a wide taste in music and this was always reflected in the music he played at Moist. You could certainly call it eclectic. You’d hear some classic tracks you knew and loved, but there would also be so much great music that would be new to you. It was the perfect place to discover something new and create new favorites.