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and DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey shares his tips for aspiring DJs

DJ Harvey often shares tips for moving forward as a new DJ, online, in interview and on the pages of DJ and music magazines. How to get started, how to improve, how to get your name out there and get work as a DJ. We have gathered together some of the tips and advice he has shared in past, and put it together for you here.

He encourages aspiring DJs to take their time to learn

DJ Harvey believes that success will only come if you put in the time and effort. He states that organisation of your music files was very important, so getting them arranged neatly, so you can find any track you want fast, is time well worth spent. Keeping track of the works of other DJs is also important. Spending time on a regular basis, surfing YouTube for the latest releases will ensure your material is always fresh and is what the audience wants.

He believes marketing to be really important

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you don’t market yourself well, no one will ever hear you. These days, the Internet is the main way that music spreads, and recommendations via social media are vital for a DJ. So, setting yourself up on social media is very important, use all the options such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to make the most of this, and enable more and more people to spread the word of your talents. Upload your work to YouTube and of course, set up a website to give some more information, free samples and images to your fans.

Be realistic and professional

Becoming a superstar DJ doesn’t happen overnight. DJ Harvey says it was very important to have realistic goals. You should also ensure that you are a true professional at all times. While being a DJ is fun, it is also a business. Making mistakes such as turning up late for a gig, could break a career before it’s already begun. DJs that can’t be relied on will never be hired more than once.