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Harvey Sarcastic Disco CD reviews

Before you spend your hard earned cash on a CD, it’s a good idea to get some recommendations and read reviews. You can ask around your friends for some suggestions, but if you want to try something really new on the scene, perhaps something a little different, then it is always worth reading any reviews written by DJ Harvey. Or listen to the music he plays live.

CD reviews that always make sense

What is so great about the CD reviews from DJ Harvey, is that they are plain speaking. They are easy and enjoyable to read and you know you are getting an honest opinion. These days, it can be hard to tell whether a review of an album is genuine or not. Or of any other product for that matter. Bands can easily ask their friends and family to write a positive review, regardless of their true opinions, and some less scrupulous bands can even pay people all over the world to write a rave review of their newly released CD, they may not ever even have listened to it! So you need to bear this in mind when you’re looking for genuine, honest reviews of CDs you’re thinking of buying yourself. But when DJ Harvey gives you opinion, you know he has his own reputation to maintain so if he recommends something, perhaps a CD that is new on the market, or perhaps not even released yet, you can trust his opinion and integrity.

Reading a CD review from DJ Harvey in a magazine, or hearing him talk about new releases from DJ Harvey is great in several ways. Firstly, you can trust the review. Of course a review is always just one person’s opinion, you might not agree with the opinion, yours may differ, but at least by reading a review by DJ Harvey you know it is genuine and you can trust that opinion. Secondly, DJ Harvey is a pro DJ so he really does know a great DJ or artist when he hears them. He doesn’t simply rave about the big names, he also discovers bands and DJs from all over the world. Some that most people have heard of. But he knows talent when he hears it, and he loves to spread the word and help these new bands reach a bigger audience.