Electronic Jams Reloaded: Taking it to the Streets- Bejing Style



One of my favorite things about music is that it crosses multiple genres and melds into different cultures and actually becomes a transient faucet of culture in another country. It doesn’t matter what genre it is; every single beat and tone hits a personal chord with every beat and thump that strikes you to your core.

Electronic and clubbing go hand in hand in our American dj mix scene. Where better to explore your considerable talents than working with people enjoying the element; enjoying every scene and having a good time. But to professional beat- mixer, Söng Zhiqi, electronic tunes don’t belong just in clubs. He’s trying to make a place for himself and his craft exploring other options for his venues than just nightclubs or raves. He says that hopes to change this perception by holding an electronic art festival in September at Beijing’s Post Mountain venue.
His goal is to bring together more than 60 DJ’s and artists from Berlin, Paris, and Beijïng to blend dance party vibes with live electronic music performances, to bring contemporary art and film screening and even modern dance.

Mad Paris Beats

Anyone keeping up with electric jams in Paris? Francois X, a key character innow burgeoning techno movement that’s in Paris, and even Berlin’s Japanese multimedia artist Ryoichi Kurokawa. Shiqi says his idea from this festival stems from all his boring parties he’s thrown. He says doing this festival makes him excited because a lot of big names are coming to China to perform for this event for it’s first time; and he hopes that it makes enough of an impact to help reshape ways that people look at the electronic music culture and shape it in a more positive light. His overall goal, he says is to introduce electronic artists and DJ’s without focusing primarily on dancing.

Two of his guests- Dead J, aka Shao Yanpeng and Song’s Soundplay have been throwing ragers at in weird locations like cafes and art district warehouses in attempts to cross- breed atmospheres in different locations. These types of events are fundamental for them to continue to spread electric beats solely from a club scene as it’s seen in China into a global perspective.
They also invited tattoo and graffiti artists from Paris and Berlin to hold workshops too during this festival; showcasing various aspects of art.

“This event is going to kick ass” Zhiqi says, “You’d be crazy to miss it. Where else are you going to see a whole bunch of different countries doing all same thing; enjoying one beat? We’re doing this right, and it’s going to be righteous.”

Bold Words, Song; bold words. Thing is, Americans love a good party in grungy joints; with no lights but lasers and thumpin’ beats. We enjoy lights and sounds and everything we feel deep inside. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t want to. But its cool that it’s going places.
Party on, party people!