Harvey Sarcastic Disco
and DJ Harvey

A look at the Harvey Sarcastic Disco Collaboration

Harvey Sarcastic Disco was a collaboration between DJ Harvey and Sarcastic Clothing, a trendy casual yet stylish clothing brand, popular with young people and the music scene. Together they released an awesome limited edition mix CD and they also provided news and information about the electronic music scene. Sadly the Harvey Sarcastic Disco CD was only issued in a small number, so if you’ve got a copy, you’re very lucky. Together they were the first to let everyone know the latest news and keep you up to date with the DJ scene. This is not the official website of Harvey Sarcastic Disco but it was such a special venture, as fans of DJ Harvey we set up this site.

Set up by top DJ – DJ Harvey

Harvey Sarcastic Disco was set up by none other than DJ Harvey himself as a promotional exercise along with Sarcastic Clothing and he recorded a CD for this venture – Sarcastic Disco. DJ Harvey has always been keen to encourage others to pursue their dreams of becoming a DJ. In 2014 he won the Outstanding Contribution Award for his work within the electronic music industry at the Ibiza DJ Awards.

Keeping you up to date with the latest events

This collaboration not only included the limited edition CD releases, but Harvey Sarcastic Disco also gave you lots of information in the stores and online, about upcoming events, so you’d never miss a rare appearance from a top DJ or an electronic music gig that you just knew would be a fantastic night out. DJ Harvey is always worth seeing live if you get the chance.

All the new album releases at your fingertips

There’s something special about being the first among your friends to get your hands on a really brilliant album. Playing it to them and having them be really impressed, they then have to rush out and buy it too. But it can be hard finding new groups to get hooked on. There are so many bands out there, from all different genres. How do you find those that are going to be just exactly what you and your friends are into? Well you can always check for any new releases from DJ Harvey himself, they’re bound to be fantastic, or you can look for interviews with DJ Harvey as he often likes to recommend new bands and DJs he has discovered. Everything he says is always honest and frank, so you can make up your own mind whether or not a new release is going to be worth a listen for you.

Help for new DJs and those aspiring to be DJs

DJ Harvey is always keen to encourage new artists on to the scene. For anyone who has ever wanted to become a DJ, or for those just starting out, wanting to learn more and improve their DJ skills, DJ Harvey offers lots of guidance. You’ll often find him offering up top tips or advice about the best equipment to buy. When you’re starting out as a DJ, it’s not likely to make you money to begin with, so it starts out as a hobby. DJ equipment can be very expensive for the very best quality gear. There are cheaper pieces of DJ equipment out there, but of course, like anything else, sometimes the lower priced kit can be a false economy as it simply doesn’t do what you want it to, or it’s of a low quality. DJ Harvey gives you tips on the best gear to buy, that would suit your needs and fit into your budget.

Many people have taken up being a DJ, whether professionally, or for a hobby, due to both being inspired by DJ Harvey. With all the encouragement he offers, there is a real feel that DJ Harvey is keen for aspiring DJs to take the plunge, to move forward and do what they dream of doing. Of course we’ll never know how many top DJs are only up there with the best because of DJ Harvey but there are probably quite a few!

Top tips and equipment reviews for both amateur and professional DJs

DJ Harvey certainly knows his stuff, he’s been a DJ for decades and has won awards for his work. So when you come across a review of some new DJ equipment he’s written or some advice for DJs you know you can trust this information and rely on it.

More about DJ Harvey – the early days

DJ Harvey’s real name is Harvey Bassett. He is very well travelled having been born in the UK and later moved to the US. One of the best things about DJ Harvey is that he will introduce you to music from all over the world. Many people simply stick with what they’re familiar with, those DJs or bands that they know and love, and then others that are similar to those. By listening to DJ Harvey live, or his mix CDs you can get to know electronic music from all over the world. Of course from across the US and the UK, but also from France, Germany and beyond. It’s nice to take a side step out of your comfort zone sometimes and discover something a little unusual or slightly quirky, and DJ Harvey certainly gives you the chance to do this, also, pay attention any time he’s interviewed or writes for a website or magazine as he’ll often be found recommending concerts and albums from all over the world.

DJ Harvey started out as a drummer. He was a punk band in Cambridge UK and they were called Ersatz. They were pretty successful for a young band, having their single Smile in Shadow played by John Peel on Radio One on the BBC in the UK. He made a move away from punk music when he visited New York and was exposed to the hip hop scene. It was this that made him move from being a drummer, to cutting breaks as he felt it was a similar discipline. During this time he bought his first set of decks and began practising in his own home.

It was during his time as a graffiti artist and member of the group TONKA Hi Fi that he started being involved in the club scene, throwing weekend long parties as part of the group. This of course introduced him to more electronic, disco and dance music, that was set to be an inspiration for his work going forward.

Turning pro

By 1991 DJ Harvey was finally working full time as a DJ. He had his own night called Moist at the Gardening Club in London, UK. He was well known for mixing for six hours straight, and bringing in pro DJs from America to perform at parties. From Moist, DJ Harvey moved to the world famous Ministry of Sound as well as Cream in Liverpool and top venues on the Ibiza club scene. He had now certainly become a very famous superstar DJ!

DJ Harvey’s Top Picks are certainly not to be missed

Now when it comes to electronic music, DJ Harvey certainly knows a lot! He definitely knows good music when he hears it, so when he offers up his top picks, these are always well worth taking a look at, and taking note of his recommendations. He sometimes makes top picks of his favorite albums of the year for example. If DJ Harvey recommends three albums from the year that he thinks are great, then you can pretty much guarantee they’ll be something special. You should definitely give them a listen, or hear a snippet from one of the songs on YouTube to see if they are to your taste. Many people will take a chance on these top pick recommendations, because even if on first listen they don’t seem to be something you’d normally listen to, there will be no denying the artistic merit, and as happens so often with music, the tracks are likely to grow on you, and eventually they’ll become a new favorite.