• Particle: Best show I’ve been to lately

    So I hit a show last weekend and it was pretty rockin. The band’s name is Particle.

    For those of you who may have never heard of particle they are a funktastic live electronic drum and beats band.

    There are a few bands like them, such as The Disco Biscuits, and Sound Tribe Sector 9, both of which I think are fantastic. These bands all started blending rock, jazz, funk and electronic into a crazy sound people sometimes call “livetronica”

    The Particle People are those of us fans who happen to be super fans and like to go to all the shows. This group of people are very heavy into Particle and we really like it when they play super late night sets like 4am, so we can dance into the dawn.

    These guys just happen to be crazy, they’ve been known to play up to 140 shows a year, and yes there are some fans who have tagged along and seen them all.

    I do not happen to be one of them.

    But I did catch the show in Lincoln, NE the other night and it was funky and hardcore electronic just like I like them.

    parnell from particle

    They hit some big songs up off the new album and ripped into the crowd with some of their favorites that the longtime fans love to hear at all the shows such as: “launchpad” which they rocked with the fun swirling echoes and reverberant beats, Steve Molitz, keyboardist, in my opinion rocked the hardest.

    All in all the show was great, I had fun with my friends and my wife and we went home afterward and curled up in bed under our friends feather comforter, still listening to the tunes echoing in our eardrums. I don’t get to a lot of shows like this anymore because I’m getting old and I have 2 small kids!!

    But if you have a chance to get out and see these guys anytime they get close to your hometown, definitely get off your butt and hit the show!


  • Alternatives to Smoking in the Club

    Dj’s have to put up with a wild variety of different lifestyles these days. Dealing with second hand smoke in the club is one of the worst things I’ve ever had to stand night after night while rocking the crowd.

    When people are enjoying a night out with friends at a club, they may not want to keep going outside to designated smoking areas whenever they want a cigarette, especially if they are the only ones in their group that smoke. This often means that they will look for alternatives that mean that they are able to remain in the club with their friends.

    Ecigarettes are one of the most popular alternatives to smoking that people are using today. These types of cigarettes can be smoked inside because they only release vapour, not smoke. They still provide smokers with the nicotine that they have been craving, but they do not contain any of the harmful chemicals which are found in cigarettes that are so damaging to peoples physical and dental health.  Staying away from regular cigarettes and keeping with ecigarettes is going to keep you out of the dentists office and away from the doctor. They also do not expose other people that are standing nearby to second hand smoke.

    Ecigarettes have become popular all over the world and no matter what country you live you in, you will be able to find a well known brand of ecigarette such as the examples listed below:
    – Australian Ecig Brand Social Lites
    – Kangertech from the USA
    E-lites from the UK
    – Joyetach from South Africa

    ecigarettes in the club

    Many of the countries that are listed above have smoking bans in place that prevent people from smoking cigarettes in public places, but ecigarettes are not included in this ban, so people can smoke them indoors in venues such as clubs. This allows people that smoke to still be able to enjoy a night out with friends, without having to keep leaving them to go outside and smoke.

    As well as benefiting the people that are smoking the ecigarettes, there are other people in the club that will also benefit as they will not be breathing in cigarette smoke. The people that will benefit the most from this change are people that work in these clubs that would have otherwise been exposed to this smoke all evening, such as the DJ. It also means that they are able to play to people all night without worrying that people are missing out on some of their best songs while they have gone outside for a cigarette.

    A video on the truth about ecigs vs regular cigarettes:

  • 5 Tips for Aspiring DJ’s

    Harvey here, Folks, lets talk a little bit about what it takes for new dj’s to succeed!

    Today, DJs are some of the most respected people in the music industry. Their ability to engage the crowd and keep it happy for hours on end requires a lot of dedication and of course love for the job. As a new DJ, you may not be able to pull the same crowd as the veterans, but you sure will someday. Below are important tips that are invaluable to any new DJ.


    Take Time to Learn

    The success that you get as a DJ relies heavily on the time you invest in educating yourself. First, start by organizing your music into folders and know where everything is. You also have to keep an eye on what producers are doing every day. This will help you know the kind of music that is coming out. To also ensure that you get to the crowd, ask these producers and other DJs for recommendations of tracks that you think the audience would really enjoy. You can also give them your DJ remixes and seek for their opinion. Lastly, keep abreast with music trends on social media and other media-sharing websites such as YouTube.


    Market Yourself Well

    Marketing is everything when it comes to success. Investing in a website is the easiest way to begin. You can upload a DJ mix or two on these websites for the visitors to sample your mixing. Remember also to upload high-resolution photos of yourself or even equipment on the website. An account on Soundcloud is also a necessity if you want to be noticed. The key to marketing is ensuring that you are visible, and a Facebook fan page can also help you with this.


    Choose a Setup You are Comfortable with

    Different DJs use different equipment. Vinyl enthusiasts will definitely urge you to use vinyl while those who use CDJs or Technics will also advise you to go their way. The point is that you should not listen or be worried by whatever setup other people are using. If you are happy with your equipment, stick by it. However, it is also good practice to learn turntables and CDJs since you never know when your technology will fail yet you have a DJ remix to offer.


    Never Turn up Late

    As a DJ, time is of great importance. Make a conscious decision never to show up late to any event. If you cannot keep time, look for a manager or promoter who will help you adhere to your schedules all the time. Otherwise, be prepared to start losing gigs if you cannot keep time.


    Be Realistic

    Many new DJs fail to make it in this industry because they have given themselves unrealistic targets. To avoid being part of this statistic, set targets that you can meet. This will get you motivated. Moreover, you should also follow the rules and have an observatory eye.

  • Skrillex Tour – Bits and Pieces of News

    Music is not only a source of entertainment, it is a passion for many of its performers. One such artiste is Sonny John Moore otherwise famously known as Skrillex. At the age of 26, Skrillex is a successful Dj, skilled singer as well as a song writer. He is also a producer of his music genre, electric dance music.


    Skrillex Tour

    Earlier this year, Skrillex launched his very first studio album by the name “Recess”. The album was released in March 14 2014 with a total of 11 track listings. Since its release, the album has performed quite well in various billboards making its best appearance at number three. The album has received its fair share of criticism as well as praise.

    This year has been an eventful one for Skrillex with a major tour being its highest point. The tour dubbed ‘Takeovers’ was a one month tour set to visit four major cities. With the conception that these cities represented all artistic aspects, Skrillex visited San Francisco, Brooklyn, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

    San Fransisco

    San Francisco was the first stop for the much awaited Takeovers tour. The state of San Francisco was electrified with Skrillex performance as he hosted seven different shows. Skrillex seemed to maximize his time in the state as exhibited by his performance of seven different shows in only six nights. He also set out to perform in all environments from romantic settings to more of a club night out setting. Concerts were also covered in the San Francisco tour. The tour was further elevated by the appearances of other artists such as Craze, Samo Sound Boy, Louisah, ASAP Rocky and Seven Lions amongst others.


    Second in line was the state of Brooklyn. With five different shows in different venues, the Brooklyn shows were definitely a must experience. Artists such as TOKiMONSTA, AC Slater Clockwork and Lunice performed alongside Skrillex. The climax of the Brooklyn visit was at a secret location. What could be more exiting?

    Skrillex’s Takeover tour found itself in Amsterdam after leaving Brooklyn. Known for its extraordinary architectural structures and beautiful sites, Amsterdam was a sure perfect location for such an over the edge tour. The performance which would be in the form of five shows will have a lineup included artists TC, UZ, Bro Safari and Jack Beats to name but a few. Skrillex would have a special stop over at Groningen as a visit to friends.

    The tour would have its final performance in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Fans at Barcelona experienced maximum excitement with numerous shows performed across the city. Accompanying Skrillex were Benga and KOAN Sounds among others.

  • Electronic Jams Reloaded: Taking it to the Streets- Bejing Style


    One of my favorite things about music is that it crosses multiple genres and melds into different cultures and actually becomes a transient faucet of culture in another country. It doesn’t matter what genre it is; every single beat and tone hits a personal chord with every beat and thump that strikes you to your core.

    Electronic and clubbing go hand in hand in our American dj mix scene. Where better to explore your considerable talents than working with people enjoying the element; enjoying every scene and having a good time. But to professional beat- mixer, Söng Zhiqi, electronic tunes don’t belong just in clubs. He’s trying to make a place for himself and his craft exploring other options for his venues than just nightclubs or raves. He says that hopes to change this perception by holding an electronic art festival in September at Beijing’s Post Mountain venue.
    His goal is to bring together more than 60 DJ’s and artists from Berlin, Paris, and Beijïng to blend dance party vibes with live electronic music performances, to bring contemporary art and film screening and even modern dance.

    Mad Paris Beats

    Anyone keeping up with electric jams in Paris? Francois X, a key character innow burgeoning techno movement that’s in Paris, and even Berlin’s Japanese multimedia artist Ryoichi Kurokawa. Shiqi says his idea from this festival stems from all his boring parties he’s thrown. He says doing this festival makes him excited because a lot of big names are coming to China to perform for this event for it’s first time; and he hopes that it makes enough of an impact to help reshape ways that people look at the electronic music culture and shape it in a more positive light. His overall goal, he says is to introduce electronic artists and DJ’s without focusing primarily on dancing.

    Two of his guests- Dead J, aka Shao Yanpeng and Song’s Soundplay have been throwing ragers at in weird locations like cafes and art district warehouses in attempts to cross- breed atmospheres in different locations. These types of events are fundamental for them to continue to spread electric beats solely from a club scene as it’s seen in China into a global perspective.
    They also invited tattoo and graffiti artists from Paris and Berlin to hold workshops too during this festival; showcasing various aspects of art.

    “This event is going to kick ass” Zhiqi says, “You’d be crazy to miss it. Where else are you going to see a whole bunch of different countries doing all same thing; enjoying one beat? We’re doing this right, and it’s going to be righteous.”

    Bold Words, Song; bold words. Thing is, Americans love a good party in grungy joints; with no lights but lasers and thumpin’ beats. We enjoy lights and sounds and everything we feel deep inside. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t want to. But its cool that it’s going places.
    Party on, party people!